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*Fixed asset inventories

*Implementation of bar codes for fixed assets inventories

*Goods and retail stock inventories

*Keeping fixed assets records and professional consultancy

1.Stocktaking processes

The technologies

While performing stocktaking processes we use up-to-date Symbol/Motorola appliances, which allow us to work on-line.

The software

the software we use is adjusted to specific requirements of a client’s system. The results of our work are put into a file with inventory data in a format which is compatible with a client’s system irrespective of the fact whether it operates in SAP, GOLD, IBM (or other) systems or in a written and dedicated especially for a client system.

Benefits as to the process quality

Accurate calculations
Neutrality- no need to “adjust” numbers to the system
Responsibility for the process organisation
Greater efficiency of the process
Swiftness of the process
Flexibility as to time and organisation issues
Stocktaking reports that match clients’ needs and requirements
Benefits with regards to the process costs:

There is no need to close a unit during the time of inventory — the possible increase in the shop turnover
There is no need to spend money on the equipment
There is no need to spend money on electronic appliances and software
There is no need to spend money on training personnel
There is no need to spend money on the process development as regards IT issues
There is no need to spend money on travels and accommodation

Industry stocktaking - irrespective of a character of business activity we design and conduct stocktaking for any industry. We carry out an inventory of warehouses with co-production items, items under construction and warehouses with finished goods.

Stocktaking carried out in retail outlets aims to:

define the actual quantity and the value of stocks in a given retail outlet on a given day
compare the actual balance with the balance in the books of accounts
calculate the differences in value against the natural losses (if such losses have been admitted for a given outlet)

Fixed assets inventory -the inventory of fixed assets is carried out based on a client’s database and on the existing bar codes. We also establish records with bar codes since the very beginning. Register systems based on bar codes will allow you for an efficient property management and for an easy and swift stocktaking process.

2. Verification of compliancy

The service comprises the verification of actual effects with projects’ assumptions. Based on reference data we are able, in a swift and efficient manner, to provide you with information: on the compliance of products displayed on shelves with planograms; on the compliance of prices of the products displayed with the prices in the system; whether the realisation of supplies is a complete one; etc.

3. Mystery Shopping

Our specialists will help you to verify the quality of clients’ service against adopted by your firm standards; they will provide you with valuable information on the observance of the firm’s policy values in outlets and clients service points.